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Episode Choose Your Story, a storyteller game from Episode Interactive is ruling over IOS’s and Android’s market store. The interactive features along with the option to fabricate awesome stories make it must to prefer game. Teens love to play this game due to so many awesome genres available in it. From romantic stories to fantasy, there is a huge variety available.

Here, in this post, we will talk about –

  1. Episodes
  2. Passes

Both are important factors in the game so newbie should learn about these before hitting the episode button and beginning.

What Are Episodes?

The name of many episodes is termed as chapter and according to developers there are more than 20,000 of stories in the game. Each story is called as chapter; so, one can’t get bored by playing this game.

Usually one episode contain a small part of story and it end at any of the critical point which can make you curious. The awesome genres offer you the story of desire. Even there are some too long stories which can take days to complete.

  • Users are able to read awesome stories and most of the stories published by developers are awesome and they can make you getting dragged into the story.
  • If someone wants to learn something new then creating awesome story is a great option. It can help in bringing the creativity out.
  • All kind of stories can be created in this game and you will love the fact that most of them will be read by others.
  • As if any story is awesome then more people will play it and you can find the hidden talent inside.

There are variety of stories to play and great option to create one. Just focus on making innovative story that is unique than others and have a good ending instead of messing up everything. It is really an important task.

What are Passes?

As you know that there are awesome stories in the game and you can read them but there is need of passes to begin. These can be obtained by various methods but the easiest one is to buy from the in-app purchases. It is quick, fast and reliable but requires real currency to get it. Another way is to use Episode Cheats.

On the other hand, the developers are offering you three passes in every four hours. It works on a user code so you can’t cheat the game by moving time four hour forward and getting them. The waiting option is better because you save money by this method.

However, the game was criticized by thousands of gamers in review section of Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The issue was regarding passes because most of people don’t want to wait for these but still, the game is going well and getting popularity as per the time.

Final Words

Hope this guide to Episode Choose Your Story gameplay will help in getting acknowledged about all the vital factors of the game.