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More ABout The Game

Innovative games earn fame faster than others and there is no doubt that Episode Interactive ltd’s new mobile title Episode Choose your story is going well these days. The accessibility over IOS and Android devices make it interactive and better to prefer. This game is best one for those who have potential of fabricating stories. One can create awesome and innovating stories. This game is offering the option to build a storyline, avatar and much more. Users are able to share stories with other readers too.

What’s The Actual Thing?

Users are able to create awesome stories in this game but all they need is currencies. This game is pronged into the storyline of popular TV series like pretty little liars. Here, users have to guide the character and make decision. The good thing is about unique ending of game. Each time, you take a decision, the story get the twist and move in that particular direction. It means the ending is always different. You need to make wise decision and the impact will be on the ending of story. Make a choice because you can’t go back or undo it. You won’t find a single time to feel bored about it.

Currencies and importance

There are two things that you have to focus on otherwise chances of getting into issues are higher. The first thing is decision you are taking. It is really an important thing because every decision can take you to different ending and you may not love it and the bad thing is no undo option. Even you can’t play the same story again.

The second vital thing is currency, it is vital as users can’t progress without it. Pass is the main currency and it is required to read stories. There are lots of methods to earn pass but the easiest one is to wait for the particular time gap. It can take little time but you can rely on it due to the effectiveness and there is no need to waste a single penny.

Gem is the premium currency and it can’t be earned easily. These are really important and hard to earn. You can buy these by spending real money but if you are not intended to go with this method then it will be better to play and earn.

How to collect passes?

The below given are some easy and reliable methods which can help in earning more currencies and it is easy too.

  • You can wait for four hours and the passes will be generated automatically. You can avail three or more passes after the particular time gap.
  • If you play a story that is recently updated then it will provide you one free pass. It can help in experience the new chapter with that particular pass.
  • Entering some codes provided by online users or social media can provide good amount of passes.
  • Using Episode Cheats.

These are some reliable methods. Hope this guide to currencies and other factors will help in progressing with ease.