How to Create an Awesome Story in Episode Choose Your Story?

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How to Create an Awesome Story in Episode Choose Your Story?

Episode Choose Your Story is a famous game due to the options of fabricating your own ideas and turning into a story. There are thousands of gamers playing it and you can easily find so many interactive things but nothing is better than creating new stories and making it this much awesome that other read it with interest.

The episode Choose Your Story is a game which is developed and designed by the famous game developer episode interactive. This mobile game is available for IOS and Android for free. However, it isn’t completely free. There are in-app purchases which can help in the purchase of passes and other currencies.

If you want to create stories instead of playing them then this guide will help you out in many ways. Check it out entirely and learn basics.

What’s The Fabrication Procedure?

Creating a story is tremendously easy as we have numerous tips to support the gamers to gain success. These can be learned without making too much interest. You can read the below-given tips to go well and eradicate most of the issues with ease.

  • In order to create stories, users are required to be above 13-years of age or equal to it. Otherwise, stories won’t be published.
  • A story of three episodes is short and most of the people will read it for sure. Make 3 episodes every single time and update them on time.
  • You can make a story popular by connecting your fans on social media and inform all of them about the new tale.
  • Make stories daily because your fans wait for your updates. Once you start delaying too much, you won’t find readers anymore.
  • Make a story that isn’t predictable and you should try to make it denser and gain the attention of users.
  • A story full of spicy content is always loved, right? Why don’t you add some powerful words like, “heroic look, exotic, many more”. Words matter the most.
  • Numerous choices will make story interesting, however, you need to work hard to get it done well.
  • You can also guide the character to make the story more curious than before and it will be loved by readers for sure.

These are some common things that you can take into consideration before beginning. These rules apply in real life too that’s why you can try it out for sure.


Being a top story creator isn’t easy and if you haven’t done story writing work before then it can be tough. However, this app can bring the hidden talent and you should try it for sure. There are thousands of teens creating stories and they learned it all after making such awesome stories in this app. There is no need to frighten because no one is going to eat you up as the story isn’t good. Even you will learn more by this. Hope, this guide to create story will help in being a good story maker.


  1. Errse Reply

    I really like playing episodes, it’s a nice game which has so many different stories and choices. As a writer I sometimes have writers block which by the way sucks, so I tend to do various things to get rid of that writers block I decided to try episodes due to a friends recommendation so I did and I fell in love with it. But I only get 2 passes a day and I really want more passes so I can play it more constantly and try to like get rid of the writers block by playing something with creative embedded in it and episodes gives me just that like I wanna be able to play as many times as i’d like to and use gems more frequently

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